We Are Not the Enemy

We Are Not the Enemy

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By the time families discover us, they have been through the dyslexia ringer. Misdiagnosis, no diagnosis, wrong interventions, no interventions. Then they find their SPACE, at the Learning Lab. 

We begin an intense, individualized intervention that includes academic, social and emotional competencies. Yes, we address all three! We know what is required for dyslexic students to experience learning success, and we know how to help dyslexic students deal with anxiety, frustration, and the overwhelming feelings of not enoughness and dejection.

So why do we say we are not the enemy?

About five months to a year into a dyslexic child’s (appropriate) protocol, the family typically sees success happening socially, emotionally and academically. They realize their child can absolutely learn, and they feel relieved. Often, this is when the family thinks it is time to put on the brakes. They do not understand the need for ongoing intensity once their child seems to be doing well and feeling better. They often believe this new level of achievement is enough for now, will automatically transfer to the classroom and be supported and maintained. Unfortunately, this is not the case unless you attend a school or program specifically designed for dyslexic students.

Stopping a dyslexia protocol (that is being administered with fidelity) before it’s time, literally stops the wiring we are creating in the brain for reading, spelling and writing. It’s like building a house and asking the electrician to stop the job because you were able to successfully turn on one light switch in one room. There are other rooms, there is power distribution to consider, and the grounding of the entire network.

Three years is the average time students spend with us. When they do, the results are astronomical. We also assist families in finding best fit placement, for their child, before, during and after our program.

At the end of this past school year alone, graduates of our program were accepted to the following:

UCF, Fusion Academy at Boca Raton,

St. Thomas Aquinas High School,

Pine Crest Middle School, The BRIDGES Program at NSU, American Academy at American Heritage,

St. Anthony Catholic School.

All of the above students started with us as nonreaders or laborious readers and/or experiencing an educational crisis. We have a personalized learning system that closes gaps, helps learners transitions skills into different learning environments and empowers them to continue learning and growing long after this wrinkle in time has passed. 



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