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“The Learning Lab is not just a place to put your child. It is a partnership with passionate professionals.”


“The Learning Lab is amazing! My daughter has been a student here for 4 years. The teachers are skilled on all levels of learning; they incorporate the mind, body and soul of the child supporting them every step of the way. They provide support and guidance for the parents. They act as a liaison for the parents and school communicating the best plan for the child to succeed in all areas of school. They teach your child study skills and practices that will carry them through college. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication helping us move forward in all our educational experiences.”

– Lisa Patanzo

Safe & Nurturing

“On Friday, I told my son that he didn’t have to go to Learning Lab to do his FastForword Learning program and that instead, he could do it at home. I was very surprised by his response: He told me that he actually likes going to the Learning Lab to do his work, that it makes him feel good to get done there so he can come home and just relax. I was so happy to hear this from a kid who dreaded school. Thank you, Learning Lab, for creating such a safe, nurturing environment for my son to learn in. Ms. Shelley and Aly are incredibly understanding and have made all the difference in my child’s education.”

– Stacy Ross

A Breath of Fresh Air

“Learning Lab is a breath of fresh air for a dyslexic student after being in a very toxic school environment. The compassion, support, and passion to help students is incredible. Thank you for helping our son regain an excitement about learning and some self-confidence! Your intensive summer made all the difference to him! He loves his new school and is doing so well! He really appreciates the help you have given him to self-advocate.”

– Christine Sjoblom

The Best Decision I Ever Made!

“My daughter started Learning Lab in January 2020 after I had to pull her out of her school because they could not accommodate her learning issues. It was the best decision I ever made. The Learning Lab is amazing, my daughter went up 1 grade level in reading in 6 months and is actually reading chapter books on her own now. I can’t wait to see how they are going to help my son catch up on math and prepare him for middle school over the summer.”

– Karen Lehman

Goes the Extra Mile

“My daughter has attended the Learning Lab for three years. This was the best decision I ever made for my daughter. Ms. Aly has been so nurturing and supportive with my daughter. My daughter has become an honor roll student with confidence with the help of the people at the Learning Lab. She is even ordering books and enjoying trading. The Learning Lab helps to identify your child’s problem and formulates a plan to assist your child to be successful. Ms. Aly goes the extra mile!!!”

– Susie Cohen

Highly Seasoned Educators!

“Fran Rubio-Katz and Aly Young are the dynamic-duo that is Learning Lab!

Beyond being highly seasoned educators, Fran and Aly created their own S.P.A.C.E Philosophy that identifies the five key learning components for academic success. Their philosophy and expertise in focusing on the emotional processes, as the most important step toward success in the educational one, makes The Learning Lab truly unique.

After years of moving my daughter, Grayce from teacher to teacher, tutor to tutor and fighting for an IEP that didn’t seem to produce consistently better results, it took The Learning Lab for me to finally understand, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. I learned the importance of paying closer attention to the emotional well-being of my child and how it impacts her educational experience. They also went above and beyond in helping me build bridges with Grayce’s teachers and school administrators, which has proven to be a difficult challenge to say the least.

Case in point: Seeing how distraught I was regarding, yet another school meeting with my daughter’s teachers and ESE Specialist, Fran represented me. Sitting there once again as the staff flipped through files, saying the same things I’ve heard before about Grayce’s poor performance, Fran took control and cut through the clatter. She quickly parsed through the paperwork, knowing exactly what to look at and what to ask for. Shen then succinctly explained that one of the big issues besides her ADHD, was Grayce’s emotionality which blocks her Executive Function, needed to improve her performance. The response from her teachers was less than enthusiastic when Fran respectfully offered some suggestions that might be helpful to my daughter’s progress. But Fran remained undaunted and took more time out of her busy schedule to follow up with a second meeting in attempt to build productive bonds with them.

Not only do Fran and Aly truly partner with you and your child every step of the way, they provide their top-notch team with inspirational leadership, by fostering a fundamental shift in thinking about education and providing an environment of encouragement and steadfast support.

The gains that Grayce has made with The Learning Lab are significant. Her Reading Comprehension Diagnostic went from a 3rd grade to a 5th grade level, increasing by a whopping 78%! Her math grades are continually improving as well. But most importantly, her confidence and self-esteem has risen tremendously and she looks forward to going there each and every day. The Learning Lab is not just a place to put your child. It is a partnership with passionate professionals, who make a real difference in children’s (and parents’) lives.”

– Elyse Ranart (Grayce’s Mom)

Truly Amazing

My son has been working with Learning Lab for almost a year. The academic gains we have witnessed have been truly amazing. And, he actually enjoys learning now. For example, last Friday, I told him that instead of going to LL to complete his FastForword program, he could stay home and do it from here. To my surprise, he was disappointed. He told me that he actually likes going to LL to do his work, so when he gets home, he can just relax, knowing what he has accomplished. This is from a kid who always dreaded going to school and doing his work! Ms. Ally and Ms. Shelley are miracle workers. Thank you to LL for giving my son a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for him to learn within.

– Stacy Ribas

Wonderful Tutors

“Our son has had roadblocks to learning that we discovered when he entered Kindergarten. We learned he had auditory processing “glitches.” We were puzzled that seemingly straightforward assignments came home to be redone. Last summer (summer 2018), before the start of fourth grade, we enrolled our son in to The Learning Lab’s Cognitive Training Zone and saw a jump in his reading skills that advanced him from below previous grade level to above the incoming grade level in a matter of six weeks! The frustration with school assignments largely dissipated for the first time this year. Overall satisfaction and performance are hugely improved from my son’s viewpoint. As a family, we finally feel like it’s coming together for him. We’ve come a long way! My son now participates in The Learning Lab’s Individualized Learning Zone where he can tackle math in a whole new way. Thank you Franny, Aly and all the wonderful tutors at Learning Lab!”

– April Engelke (Benjamin’s Mom)

Changed Our Lives!

“Before coming to The Learning Lab my husband and I were at a loss as to how to help our daughter. School had always been a struggle for her and homework was even harder.  This poor child sat lost in class because she can’t understand what the teacher is saying, and then she was expected to come home and do homework. I didn’t know how to help her understand. There were tears and fights and it took hours to complete and at the end of the night we were frustrated and exhausted.  I couldn’t do it anymore, something had to be done to help her. Finally Avery was diagnosed with SLD & Dyslexia at the end of 1st grade and our journey began.

I knew there had to be help out there but while researching I became so discouraged. I had a very hard time trying to find a place that was the right fit and helped children like Avery. Thankfully a friend told me about The Learning Lab. I didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away from the very first time. Not only did they welcome Avery with open arms (literally), they educated me on Dyslexia and what to expect for the years to come. We left there feeling so hopeful!

After Avery was tested, they built a plan that was tailored to Avery’s needs (every child there is treated as an individual and treated accordingly). The Learning Lab offers so much more than your traditional intervention programs. Avery gets one on one help, uses cognitive training software programs, receives homework help, learns strategies to help with frustration and most importantly, she gets love and encouragement consistently from the team at TLL. They make learning fun and do it the way the child learns. Avery looks forward to going every day. Yes, she goes everyday and she loves it!

Since starting the program, Avery has grown exponentially in her skills. She has always worked below grade level and this year she is working at grade level which is a HUGE accomplishment. She has not only made educational gains but her self-confidence and independence has also increased which is so important for children with learning disabilities.

Words cannot express how thankful our family is for The Learning Lab. They have worked with us through hard times and have helped to ensure Avery gets what she needs to be successful. They have changed our lives and most importantly Avery’s future looks bright!”

– Gabriella Souffront (Avery’s mom)

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The Learning Lab offers programs for every type of learner, including:

  • 1:1 remediation
  • small group remediation
  • eLearning support
  • homeschool programs
  • cognitive training
  • homework management systems

It all starts with a Learning Profile, which we’ll use to pair your child with the perfect learning interventions. Reach out to learn how The Learning Lab can lift your learner to new heights!


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