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Learning Support Services for Kids With ADHD, Dyslexia & More

Learning Lab Services

The Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab is a place where we rebuild your child’s confidence by molding our teaching style to fit their learning style—not the other way around!

There are no quick fixes or magic pills here. Instead, we prepare children for a lifetime of learning by helping them close the gaps in their academics and rebuild their self-esteem at school.

do kids need The Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab is a place where no kid is “lazy,” “bad” or “unmotivated.” Kids underperform at school for a reason. The environment is too strict or doesn’t take learning differences into consideration, and as a result, your child feels unsuccessful at school.

Over time, this takes a toll on a child’s confidence and continues to perpetuate poor performance at school. Your child might start to have negative feelings about school, and those feelings can affect your child’s home life.

At The Learning Lab, we teach kids the way they learn best, and we consider children’s feelings about learning. This breaks that long-term cycle of negative feelings leading to poor performance, allowing your child to break out of his shell and flourish at school!

is a candidate for The Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab is for kids who will benefit from an out-of-the box approach when it comes to academics, who require individualized attention to learn successfully, or who need a customized learning plan for after-school, during school or homeschool.

Your child may be a good fit if he or she:

  • Has a diagnosis like dyslexia, SLD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Has trouble with language, literacy or math skills
  • Has trouble with focus and attention
  • Has trouble sitting still at a desk
  • Has trouble writing stories despite being able to tell them verbally
  • Has negative feelings about school (says things like “I hate school” or “I’m not smart”)
  • Has inconsistent grades and test scores
  • Has teachers who say that the child should “pay attention” or “try harder”

Learning Lab Services

From virtual learning to homeschool support, this is how we support children with learning differences.



Are We A Fit

Contact us by completing our Free Analysis to find out if The Learning Lab is a fit for your child! Children with learning differences struggle to be successful in schools that aren’t built for the way they learn. We turn learning on its head by teaching the way children learn, and helping kids feel good about themselves and their abilities. Your child WILL surprise you if you give them the tools to learn the way they were born to learn!




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