Homeschool Support Packages

A traditional classroom doesn’t meet every child’s needs. Here’s how The Learning Lab can support your child’s homeschool journey.

At The Learning Lab, our Homeschool Support Program gives your child the confidence they need to learn in the most optimal way to their individual needs. Countless children struggle with the rigid environment of a traditional classroom, which doesn’t take into account a child’s need for S.P.A.C.E.

For many kids, the classroom isn’t the right place to find:

  • Spiritual connections, or the ability to build positive personal relationships
  • Physical literacy, or the ability to use your fine and gross motor skills with confidence
  • Academic achievement, or the ability to meet short- and long-term academic goals
  • Communication skills, or the ability to express your needs and wants appropriately
  • Emotional awareness, or the ability to regulate your emotions and recognize them

Does your child need our Homeschool Support Program?

Any child who needs individualized academic structure and support can benefit from this program. Your child may be a candidate for our Homeschool Support Program if they are:

  • More than a year behind in reading or writing
  • Diagnosed with a specific learning disability (SLD), such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia
  • Diagnosed with an attention disorder, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Homeschool Support Program is an excellent choice for both:

  • Families that have established homeschooling but need extra support
  • Families that are looking to start homeschooling for the first time in order to close significant learning gaps due to learning diifferences

Homeschool support plans built just for your child and family

No two homeschooling families have the same wants and needs, so any support plan needs to be 100% tailored. We provide a customized education plan and help your child adhere to it with support and coaching.

The Homeschool Support Program includes:

  • Academic software, including patented neuroscience software and intelligent, adaptive software for cognitive skill-building, reading and more
  • Individualized instruction for children who need intensive support
  • Learning process discovery with the use of real-world technology
  • Small group instruction for children who thrive with their peers
  • Social, emotional and academic support in the form of growth mindset coaching and mindful discipline strategies
  • Project-based learning for social studies and science curriculum
  • Multisensory math instruction
  • Adherence to Florida state standards and Florida state compliance

Guidance on homeschool reporting, compliance and logistics

We help homeschooling parents navigate the logistics of establishing a homeschool program. Homeschooling requires state-compliant record-keeping, reporting and student evaluations.

While you are responsible for all reporting and compliance as a parent, we provide the data and evaluation reports, as well as support and collaborative planning to help you get and stay organized.

Not sure that you’ll homeschool through grade 12? Multiple transitions can be challenging both for the student and the parent in terms of compliance. At The Learning Lab, we coordinate planning for future school placements.

Ask about our Homeschool Support Packages!

The Learning Lab can help you feel confident that you’re meeting your child’s unique learning needs and effectively closing significant learning gaps. If you don’t have a background in education (or even if you do), it’s natural to want an education plan that’s crafted with the expertise of childhood education professionals.

Don’t let your smart, struggling student hit a wall at school—instead, level the playing field with The Learning Lab.


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