Celebrating Learning Differences

The Learning Lab is a space where the body can calm, and the mind can focus. Kids who struggle to show their brilliance in school need out-of-the-box solutions that are focused on them as an individual. Not every kid does well sitting at a desk. We help children learn in the ways and places that they’re comfortable.


We Teach The Way They Learn

We understand and acknowledge that traditional school systems may not cater to every child’s unique learning needs, causing some to slip through the cracks. The students we work with are intelligent but often require more tailored support than what public or private schools typically provide. We are passionate about understanding each child’s learning style to help them succeed academically and in life. The Learning Lab offers a safe, supportive environment where children can openly discuss their academic challenges and find ways to overcome them.


At The Learning Lab, we know that learning is a whole-child experience that involves the heart, body and mind. Our programs include academic interventions for children with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences. Families love our programs, which can be one-on-one or in a small group setting and are individualized to meet each child’s specific learning needs. We give kids the tools to take charge of their learning and encourage them to use those tools.

We help kids learn in the ways and places that they’re comfortable, even if that means not sitting behind a desk. There is no one size fits all approach.


For every smart but struggling learner to be able to show their brilliance and be valued


To guide every smart but struggling learner, their families and school communities toward a simplified path of social and academic best practices for students with Specific Learning Disabilities.



Learning Lab is the catalyst that empowers smart but struggling learners to close achievement gaps to reintegrate into traditional classroom settings successfully.


Learning Lab paves the way for smart but struggling learners, their families, and school communities to provide an effective educational experience collaboratively.

Our Founder's Journey

Aly Young, the founder of The Learning Lab, has a rich education, psychology, and sociology background and has taught in public, private, and charter schools. Through her diverse experience, she witnessed many intelligent children struggle due to inappropriate instruction, leading to frustration, anxiety, and sometimes behavioral problems. This realization sparked her passion to explore the science of reading, an area often neglected in traditional education systems.

Aly understood that these children weren’t struggling because they weren’t smart or trying hard enough but because the educational approach wasn’t aligned with their unique learning styles. Determined to change this, she set out to create The Learning Lab, a place where children’s learning styles are acknowledged and embraced.

Known for being a mover and shaker, Aly is dedicated to getting things done at The Learning Lab. Her primary mission is to uncover how each child learns best and then devise a tailored plan to help them experience success. She is passionate about implementing the best practices for reading instruction and helping children reach their full potential in school and life.

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At the Learning Lab FL, we strive to make sure each student feels
supported by instilling five core values into every aspect of our programs:

It all starts with a Learning Profile, which we’ll use to pair your child with the perfect learning interventions.

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