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We Teach The Way They Learn

We grew up as misunderstood learners who didn’t know how to “try harder.” That’s why we started The Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab is a safe place for kids who struggle with their social, emotional and academic health at school. This is where kids go for out-of-the-box learning solutions that are focused on them, as an individual, not as a number in a classroom roster.

About The Learning Lab

At The Learning Lab, we know that learning is a whole-child experience that involves the heart, body and mind. Our programs include academic interventions for children with ADHD, dyslexia and other learning challenges. Families love our programs, which can be one-on-one or in a small group setting and are individualized to meet each child’s specific learning needs. We give kids the tools to take charge of their learning and encourage them to use those tools.

We help kids learn in the ways and places that they’re comfortable, even if that means not sitting behind a desk. (And we don’t use worksheets. Ever! There is no one size fits all approach)

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Why We Support Struggling Learners

It’s simple: We support struggling learners because we understand struggling learners.

Our founder, Fran Rubio-Katz, grew up hearing that she should “try harder” and “pay attention,” words that struggling learners learn to hate.

Our owner, Aly Young, spent the first part of her career teaching in public, private and charter settings, where she saw kids with learning differences struggle no matter what the environment was.

Real-world experience with the challenges to learn in a traditional classroom is what sets The Learning Lab apart. We know struggling learners because we’ve been there. We study the science behind how children learn, and more specifically how they learn to read.

With Love and Respect,
Alyson YoungOwner-Operator at The Learning Lab

about Fran Rubio-Katz Founder

Fran Rubio-Katz

I am the Founder of the Learning Lab. I’m also known as Franny 911, for my unique ability to reach and elevate the most discouraged learners.

I was a struggling student myself. I still cannot follow step-by-step photo diagram instructions. (Please don’t ask me to build any Ikea furniture or Lego sets!) My poor performance in school was a mystery to my teachers and family because I was creative and had the gift of gab. I was told to, “pay attention” and “try harder”, which made me feel stupid and misunderstood.

Growing up with an unidentified learning difference inspired me to open the Learning Lab. I’ve been trained in a range of brain-based academic, social and emotional intervention modalities. Most importantly, I have a passion for educating the heart while educating the mind.

about Aly Young Owner

Aly Young

Aly Young, the owner of the Learning Lab, is a notorious mover-and-shaker who gets things done at The Learning Lab!

Her background in psychology and sociology led her to explore her passion for education and learning by teaching in various settings, ranging from private to public to charter schools. In every school, Aly noticed that there were always kids who struggled with the material, not because they weren’t smart or weren’t trying, but because the approach was wrong.

That firsthand experience showed Aly that learning isn’t strictly academic, it is not black and white. Learning is a complex process that involves social and emotional functioning and an understanding that every brain processes information differently. This is the realization that inspired her to work on The Learning Lab to help struggling learners find success, build confidence, and let go of frustration.

Ask how we can help your learner thrive!

The Learning Lab offers programs for every type of learner, including:

  • 1:1 academic remediation
  • homeschool support programs
  • cognitive training softwares
  • homework management programs

It all starts with a Learning Profile, which we’ll use to pair your child with the perfect learning interventions. Reach out to learn how The Learning Lab can lift your learner to new heights!


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