There are three steps to homework: remembering to bring it home, doing it and returning it. No more overdue projects lost at the bottom of the backpack!

No two kids learn the same way, but traditional schools expect smart kids to keep up despite differences in their learning styles. If you regularly find lost projects and overdue assignments in your child’s backpack, it’s time to stop and think about why.

Ninety percent of kids with dyslexia don’t receive ESE services at school. Kids with other learning challenges, like dyscalculia or ADHD, are also likely to be left behind. Also, schools don’t typically teach the necessary executive functioning skills required to stay organized and plan out the week’s work. The result is a never-ending cycle where kids are too stressed out to complete homework they don’t understand, which triggers more school-related stress when parents or teachers start to inquire about missing assignments.

That’s where The Learning Lab’s homework management programs come in to break the cycle and teach the missing skills. Traditional schools don’t teach critical homework management skills like organization, planning, task management, time management and self-monitoring. But The Learning Lab does!

Small Group Homework Lab

Our Small Group Homework Management program is open to students who struggle with executive functioning skills like planning, organization, time management, focus and self-monitoring. This program is designed for children who do not require support to complete homework, but simply need a little boost to manage their assignments in a small group setting. Some children work better around peers and can benefit from an expert educator to offer accountability and to check work for accuracy and understanding.

Kids who have some academic independence but still need additional support may be good candidates for this program. In a small group setting, your child will receive:

  • Homework monitoring and support
  • Executive function coaching, including skills like organization, task and time management, planning, etc
  • Self-advocacy coaching.
  • Self-efficacy coaching.
  • Test prep and study skills.
  • Reteaches of challenging material.
  • Assignments checked and reviewed.
  • Communication and collaboration with parents and teachers

This option takes place in the Small Group Homework Lab. Like our other labs, students have access to The Learning Lab staff members for homework help and self-efficacy coaching.

The Learning Lab’s Homework Lab

All our Homework Management Programs take place in our Homework Lab, which include Small Group Homework Support.

Homework Lab is a nurturing, structured environment where kids can learn at their own pace in a way that works for them, with access to The Learning Lab staff for homework help and monitoring for quality and understanding.

Some kids may also benefit from Neuro Lab or I3 Lab being part of their experience if further academic remediation is needed. The benefits of those labs include:

  • Neuro Lab: This lab uses Fast ForWord software to develop cognitive skills that include memory, attention, processing and sequencing while simultaneously addressing missing or weak literacy skills. This software targets the root cause of learning struggles.

  • I3 Lab: This lab focuses on intensive, individualized instruction and academic remediation to help kids with persistent learning difficulties close significant learning gaps.

In all our labs and programs, we teach students how to use their academic accommodations and advocate for their own learning needs. Not only do we provide the support your kids need here, but we also teach them how to ask for that support when they need it elsewhere. All Homework Lab programs offer a structured yet nurturing environment. We encourage kids to learn while bouncing on a ball chair or while curled up in a comfy reading nook! It is all about what works best for each child to help them reach their goals.

Ask about our Small Group Homework Lab!

Think of what your child could accomplish if you gave them the tools to learn the way they know best!

At The Learning Lab, we’ll help your child uncover their learning styles and strengths. Then, we help your child use this information to their best advantage. Reach out now to learn how we can help your child thrive with confidence, not despite learning differences, but because of them.