Waiting to See is Waiting to Fail

Waiting to See is Waiting to Fail

The wait-to-see approach has been failing children for decades. It focuses on “waiting to see” how kids will do with more time and even retaining kids in the hopes that having more time to mature will eventually push them to read, write and spell. However, this old-school approach usually only preps kids for failure in the end. Perhaps, being proactive before and at the beginning of the school year can help children be better prepared for success. 

The problem with retention

The core of the wait-to-fail method was retention. Many thought that the “gift” of another year in the same grade would give the child a chance to improve their skills as they have more time to mature and learn. However, retention is not intervention and can damage children’s chances of success. Educational research has repeatedly demonstrated that retention is ineffective and can lead to adverse outcomes on various levels. 

What to do first

Get an evaluation by an expert first. Ask the school or your primary care doctor to evaluate your child. A comprehensive assessment can give you a roadmap of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and all the needs that need to be addressed. 

This evaluation can help you take proactive actions and start planning with the schools on different methods and mechanisms to take appropriate action to help your child succeed. 

The importance of preparing students to succeed

The opposite of the retention method is timely evaluation and specialized targeted instruction.   This process identifies students who need help as early as possible.  This process focuses on a prepare to succeed mindset. 

Instead of waiting to see, we, as parents and educators, must be proactive in our intervention  strategies. At The Learning Lab, we focus on precise methods that focus on specialized solutions to help students find the tools they need to experience success in school.  

The wait-and-see approach will not work for students with learning differences. These aren’t problems related to stubbornness, immaturity, or laziness; these students can often feel left behind.

The Learning Lab works as your academic intervention specialist. We can help your child take charge of their learning through evidence-based programs designed to help children who learn differently. Our programs include:

  • I3 Lab: Provides one-on-one academic remediation in reading, writing, and math. 
  • Academic Software: Incorporates scientifically-based software that focuses on common issues children with dyslexia and other learning differences experience.
  • Homework Lab: Teaches students executive functioning skills to consistently get homework done and improve their homework management skills. 

Contact us to prepare for the school year

Now is the perfect time to start the school year off strong. Don’t wait and see. The Learning Lab in Fort Lauderdale and Davie offers support for children and teens struggling academically due to learning differences. 

We believe in taking action immediately when you notice your child is behind and struggling. Our programs can be one-on-one or in small group settings and are personalized to meet each child’s learning needs. 



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