Why You Should Get A Specialized Tutor Before School Starts

Why You Should Get A Specialized Tutor Before School Starts

Why You Should Get A Specialized Tutor Before School Starts

The start of a new school year is exciting for many reasons. However, for children with learning differences, a new school year also means anxiety about all the new changes and the pressures of performing well. Take this as an opportunity to get a specialized tutor who truly understands your child before the school year starts. When your child is paired with a tutor from The Learning Lab, they will have the support and tools they need to overcome any challenges the new school year poses so they can thrive in the months ahead. 

1. Helps Them Overcome Challenging  Subjects 

Maybe your child is strong in one subject yet struggles with another. One benefit of having a specialized tutor is learning to overcome those struggles and feel prepared for challenges. Having that specialized one-on-one instruction will allow them to build skills and give them tools specifically designed to teach them in the way they learn best. 

A specialized tutor will be able to identify any weak points in the learning process and introduce appropriate learning techniques to give your child the skills they need to feel more confident in certain areas.   

2. Maintains Their Self-Confidence 

Students with a tutor that understand their specific learning needs and styles tend to have higher self-confidence in their classroom. When students struggle with any aspect of school, their confidence is the first thing to suffer. Starting a specialized tutoring program from the beginning of the school year gives students the capacity to learn and overcome obstacles from the early start. A Learning Lab tutoring program will offer the support and guidance needed to boost self-confidence and positively impact performance.

3. Makes Up for Lost Time

Although summer is the time for your kids to enjoy and relax after a challenging learning year, it’s also when the infamous summer slide occurs. It’s common for children to lose much of the knowledge gained during the previous school year during summer. Working with a tutor at the beginning of the school year can help them recover from the summer slide and get started on a more confident note.

4. Provides Personalized Time

In traditional classrooms, students share one teacher with up to 30 classmates. Maybe they have questions and don’t ask them because they’re scared or ashamed. Having a specialized tutor allows them to freely express and ask as many questions as possible as the tutor has their focuses on them and their individual needs.  

Not to mention, specialized tutoring focuses on helping children with learning differences develop new skills by offering appropriate instruction designed to close gaps and meet their specific learning needs. A personalized tutoring session looks at the strengths and struggles of each child to create a learning plan that adapts to their needs.  

5. Supports Their Process

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you can’t crack the code to help your child with homework. A specialized tutor has a unique set of skills that helps them understand the best techniques to implement. The right tutor supports the learning process while also providing individualized support. 

6. Creates Healthy Learning Habits

We all know that part of creating healthy habits is consistency. Working with a specialized Learning Lab program can help students get into the habit of practicing academic skills consistently and build lifelong learning strategies. Establishing a set tutoring schedule makes it easier for kids to get used to daily or weekly expectations and the appropriate structure needed to complete all expectations each week. 

Finding the Right Tutor

Students with specialized tutors have more support to tackle the school year successfully. It’s crucial to prepare children for a lifetime of learning by helping them close the gaps in their academics and rebuild their self-esteem at school through appropriate tutoring. Whether your child needs one-on-one support or thrives best in small group classes, Learning Lab can help you find the right program to start the school year with the right foot forward.



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