What is Fast ForWord Dyslexia®?

What is Fast ForWord Dyslexia®?


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What is a Fast ForWord Dyslexia Program?

Fast ForWord® is an evidence-based digital intervention program designed to directly target the root causes of language and reading difficulty and produce fast learning gains. Fast ForWord® uses the principles of neuroplasticity and was created by renowned neuroscientists to permanently improve brain processing speed, which makes reading and all learning easier.  

Students who can benefit from Fast ForWord? 

  • Struggling Readers
  • Dyslexia or Specific Learning Disability
  • Auditory Processing Differences
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Language Impairment
  • English Language Learners

How does Fast ForWord® work?

Fast ForWord® adapts to each learners’ needs. Fast ForWord® utilizes “Automated Intelligent Agents”, which make sure every trial adjusts to each learner, keeping participants successful 80% of the time.  It provides cognitive and literacy “cross-training.” Each Fast ForWord® exercise focuses on a specific set of reading or language tasks while simultaneously developing memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing.  The ability to read (and learn) starts with how the brain perceives and processes sound. Fast ForWord® directly targets the underlying causes of language and reading difficulty. 

How is the Learning Lab different from other Fast ForWord® providers? 

Although Fast ForWord® may be offered by other providers, as educators we have an advantage to truly intervene with social, emotional or academic needs as soon as possible, without further referral.  We monitor each student’s data reports for each exercise, daily.  The data we receive from these reports are thorough, detailed, and allow us to hone in on very specific intervention needs.  We use our educational expertise to interpret the reports from Fast ForWord® and implement targeted interventions instantly.  We assess which of our programs will best service the child’s learning struggle as indicated by the data report.  Orton Gillingham based programs such as, Barton Reading & Spelling System and Foundations in Sound are complimentary to the Fast ForWord® software.  These academic interventions work on learning from the “top-down” and Fast ForWord® builds the learning brain from the “bottom-up”.     

Skills Developed by the Fast ForWord® Exercises

The beauty of Fast ForWord® is precisely its ability to work the auditory pathways in proprietary, patented ways – ways designed by neuroscientists to make optimal brain change. Why does this matter? Because more than 30 years of research shows that weak auditory processing is at the core of most reading struggles. Along with auditory processing, the Fast ForWord® exercises cover a wide range of reading and cognitive skills.

  • Processing Rate refers to both the speed and accuracy with which the brain processes information. This is important because all literacy development – from learning to talk to learning to read to writing proficiently – is dependent on your child’s ability to process sounds and words quickly.
  • Attention is the ability to focus and pay careful attention to details. Teachers may use the term “poor listening skills” if your child is having trouble attending and following directions.
  • Recall & Memory is the ability to retrieve information from long term memory. “Working memory” is holding information in the short term, which is necessary for your child to complete tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehending.
  • Sequencing is the ability to place information in the correct order, such as days of the week. This is important for your child to process and comprehend information.
  • Reading and Literacy Skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, and auditory discrimination of sounds and sound sequencing are important foundational skills your child needs to successfully read – which is the basis of all academic learning. 
  • Vocabulary and Grammar refer to understanding the meaning of words and the rules for written and oral language. This is important for your child since it’s much easier to read fluently when they understand the words and structure. 

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