Mastering Homework with Executive Functioning Skills

Mastering Homework with Executive Functioning Skills

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Homework is a significant part of school life, but not all students feel confident doing their homework independently. At The Learning Lab, we help students build their confidence by improving their executive functioning skills. These skills allow students to pay attention to what’s happening around them and effectively organize and plan out their homework time – all key skills to mastering homework. Read on for some tips on how to master homework this school year.  

How to Foster Executive Functioning Skills at Home

If your child is struggling with homework at home, these strategies can help them master the necessary skills: 

  • Organization: Consider talking to your kid to develop an organization system for their homework. This could entail classifying tasks by level of difficulty and due dates. Having a separate folder for keeping completed assignments makes it easy to keep track of what’s left to do. 
  • Time management: Managing time goes alongside prioritization. Set a schedule for homework and show your child how it’s important to keep track of what they’re doing to ensure they stay on schedule. Simultaneously, explain to them the concept of prioritizing tasks based on due dates and how they can use time management to ensure they can create a system that helps them accomplish all their homework.
  • Task initiation: Independence when doing homework is all about task initiation. By having a homework schedule, a designated homework space, and clear guidance on what they should do, children can take the initiative to start working on their homework without having to wait for their parents (you) to give the order. 
  • Flexibility: Like everything in life, flexibility is crucial when doing homework. By offering flexibility in the times and ways your kid approaches each task, you might be able to improve their engagement and concentration. 

How the Homework Lab Can Help

Homework help from an afterschool program can help reduce the homework battles at home. The Homework Lab provides children access to smaller group homework sessions that can turn aimless hours of homework into productive learning experiences. That’s one of the biggest benefits, especially for children who learn and think differently. 

It’s a fact that some kids – especially those with dyslexia or ADHD – learn better with small groups or individualized attention. The Learning Lab’s Homework Lab program is a small group homework support program aimed at helping children that struggle with homework assignments. 

Beyond test prep and homework monitoring, the Homework Lab program focuses heavily on practicing executive functioning skills. From time management and task initiation to the organization, planning, and self-monitoring. These skills can help kids who struggle with school work find their unique strategy to master homework on their own terms. 

Some of the benefits of attending the Homework Lab include:

  • Academic support. Providing a distraction-free environment for children to complete their assignments and comprehensively offering academic support, so children feel supported throughout the learning process. Homework support can enhance children’s development, primarily when used to build skills that help students become more efficient and motivated. 
  • Learning opportunities. Going beyond homework, our staff members focus on creating engaging learning opportunities that provide students with skills to build confidence. 
  • Minimize pressure. Students aren’t the only ones struggling with homework; parents feel the pressure of meeting school assignments. Programs like the Homework Lab can become allies for busy parents by having a structured and supportive space for homework time. 

It’s Time to Master Homework

At The Learning Lab, we’ll help your child uncover their learning styles and strengths. The Homework Lab is a small group homework support program that helps students learn the tools to master homework. Reach out to learn more about this and more learning programs today. 



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