Five Reasons Why We LOVE Audiobooks

Five Reasons Why We LOVE Audiobooks


The end of the school year leaves parents with the same high hopes of Junes past: This will be the summer that my child reads! You’ll take the kids to Barnes & Nobles, reacquaint yourselves with the library or make one last Scholastic order that really counts. The excitement of choosing books is in the air and you feel certain that reading will be a welcomed friend in your home this summer.

Soon after, you find yourself getting ready for the Fourth of July. It dawns on you that the last time your children looked at their books was
when they brought them home. You become frantic. You are hijacked by a mix of terror and frustration. Terror that your children will never succeed in life because they did not read this summer. Frustration that they did not take responsibility for their studies.  You begin yelling, “That’s it! No fireworks until you read at least one chapter of a book!

Wow, August came sooner than you thought. Was summer shorter this year? School starts in a couple of weeks and you just realized your older one’s reading is mandatory. A novel study? He’s 10! How is he going to read a chapter book and do the corresponding project in less than two weeks? Ugh! How did this happen… again? 

This summer The Learning Lab introduces you and your family to audiobooks. Your first question might be, “Aren’t audiobooks cheating?” and our answer is NO! Listening and reading are both forms of language processing. What makes reading different is that you must also decode. If decoding is a struggle, most children will turn their cheek to reading as a defense mechanism. If your child struggles to read, audiobooks could be your new best friend and your child’s ticket to developing a love for literacy and learning!

Here are the top five reasons why we LOVE audiobooks at The Learning Lab: 

  1. Audiobooks teach the rhythm of language, vocabulary and grammar. 
  2. Audiobooks increase listening comprehension skills.
  3. Audiobooks let children read books based on interest instead of reading level. 
  4. Audiobooks are convenient! No matter where you go this summer, your child can listen to an audiobook!
  5. Audiobooks can create a love of literacy for struggling readers.




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