Establishing Healthy Learning Habits Before the School Year Begins

Establishing Healthy Learning Habits Before the School Year Begins

Establishing Healthy Learning Habits Before the School Year Begins

Summertime is the best time to start planning for the new school year. Healthy learning habits can set your kids up for success. Take time to ease your children into studying and focus on learning. Here are some tips on how to get started. 

1. Starting the Morning on a Positive Note

Starting the morning with a positive attitude and phrases is a way to keep your children with the best energy throughout the day. This small daily practice teaches children positivity and helps them look at the positive in challenging situations like a tricky subject or during exams. 

2. Keeping the Workstation Organized

Organizing the workstation after each study session is key to developing healthy learning habits. Find a space away from distractions like siblings or pets or busy areas like the living room or kitchen. No matter how long a study session lasts, teach your child always to organize their workstation when they finish. An organized station helps with focus and productivity. 

3. Getting Ready the Day Before

Our brains are trained to do things in an organized way to achieve better results. One of the best practices for your kid is to organize and prepare the day before. This is a healthy habit that not only teaches them consistency and organization but will also save them prep time in the morning. If they’re hesitant to start prepping for tomorrow, remind them that it means they’ll have more time in the morning to sleep in, get ready, or even watch some TV. 

4. Keeping Up With Planners and Goals

You probably have an agenda and a packed calendar to keep up with work and life. Show your child how to keep up with a planner, calendar, and goals. Let your kid handle the writing part and supervise while doing it. This will help them prioritize their tasks and start to organize themselves better.

Setting weekly goals in their planner can help track their progress and achievement. Have them show this at the end of the week and review it to solve any issues. Remember, even if they don’t reach a goal, focusing on effort over performance can be significantly productive and boost their self-esteem.

5. Fighting Procrastination

Start building the habit of doing things now and not later. Take advantage of the time before school to focus on small tasks. Using the planner and goals for the week reinforces the importance of doing things as they arise. You can use visuals to show how if they keep moving their tasks to the last day. 

6. Focus on Learning Habits

Habits require consistency and persistency. Healthy learning habits also include breaking up old bad habits with kids. So, arm yourself with patience and start small.

Choose one or two healthy habits to reinforce this season before the school year begins. Make it easy for your child by having an established plan, whether playing outside for 15 minutes before starting on homework or cleaning the workstation after study time. Whatever the habit, make it easy for them to adapt and continue well past when the school year starts. 



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