All About Fast ForWord Cognitive Language and Literacy Training

All About Fast ForWord Cognitive Language and Literacy Training

All About Fast ForWord Cognitive Language and Literacy Training

Fast ForWord is a highly effective cognitive language and literacy training program that thousands of individuals, including children and adults, have used to improve their reading, writing, and language skills. Developed by leading neuroscientists, the program addresses the root causes of learning difficulties and helps learners of all ages overcome processing, memory, attention, and sequencing challenges. 

Whether you’re a parent looking to help your child overcome learning difficulties or an adult seeking to improve your language and literacy skills, this article will provide valuable insights into the benefits and effectiveness of Fast ForWord.

What is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is a training software designed to help improve language and literacy skills. A team of neuroscientists created the program, and it’s based on research on the neuroplasticity of the brain. 

The program uses a series of interactive games and exercises that target specific cognitive processes involved in language and reading, such as auditory and visual processing, attention, memory, and sequencing. While addressing these cognitive processes, Fast ForWord simultaneously targets language and literacy skills such as phonemic awareness and phonics. The activities and games adapt to the user’s performance level in real-time to provide a more personalized learning experience. 

Fast ForWord is typically used as a supplement to classroom instruction, and the program’s exercises can be completed in as little as 30-60 minutes per day, several times per week. The hope is to help fast-track learning recovery by targeting the root cause of the reading struggle.

How Does It Work?

Fast ForWord has a series of interactive exercises designed to strengthen specific cognitive processes related to language and literacy. The activities are structured in a game-like format, making the program engaging and motivating for students.

Each student is given a unique login and account. The type of exercises they’ll complete is 100% personalized. Even the feedback and reinforcement they receive are personalized to encourage progress.

The Science Behind Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is centered around the concept of neuroplasticity. The brain is composed of many neurons that communicate with each other through synapses. When we learn something new, these synapses can become weaker or stronger depending on how often they’re used. 

The program’s exercises stimulate neural plasticity by providing targeted and intensive practice on specific cognitive processes. As students complete the activities and improve their performance, their brains can reorganize and strengthen the neural connections related to language and literacy.

Based on neuroplasticity, these neural function and structure changes can lead to lasting improvements in language and literacy skills over time. 

According to one article, children who used Fast Forward to focus on auditory and phonological training saw improvements in reading and also in physiological changes in their brains. Children with dyslexia, specific language impairments, or language learning impairments experienced noticeable improvements in their language and reading skills after training with FastForward. 

Fast ForWord in Action

One of the critical features of Fast ForWord is the ability to provide a personalized learning experience based on the student’s current skill level. As students progress, the program adapts to provide efficient and optimized learning. 

Some of the most well-known benefits include the following:

  • Personalized and adaptive learning
  • Real-time corrective feedback
  • Reporting and progress monitoring
  • Engaging and motivating features

From an academic perspective, FastForward can help:

  • Build cognitive skills such as memory, attention, processing, and sequencing
  • Improve language and reading skills
  • Improve overall brain function

Improving Cognitive Language and Literacy

Fast ForWord has shown promise in improving language and literacy skills in students with learning difficulties. However, like any educational program, it has its limitations and criticisms. Despite these challenges, the importance of personalized learning programs for children with learning difficulties cannot be overstated. 

Every child has unique strengths and challenges, and working with individualized programs and interventions is crucial to help them reach their full potential. Combining Fast ForWord with other evidence-based interventions can be a successful learning plan for many children. 

As always, consult with a special education expert to see whether your child can benefit from programs like Fast Forward. 



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