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Welcome to The Learning Lab

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Teaching Children The Way They Learn

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Out of the Box Solutions for Out of the Box Learners

Dyslexia School & ADHD Tutors
in Fort Lauderdale and Davie, FL

Florida Department of Education

The Learning Lab is now an approved provider for the Family Empowerment Scholarship!

Family Empowerment Scholarship

Learning Lab Services

dyslexia & adhd kid learning


The Learning Lab’s mission is to rebuild the heart and mind of children so they can not only feel successful, but also be successful in school. We help children of various learning abilities prepare for life in the real world. Children who are diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning differences often struggle in a typical academic setting.

We understand the difficulty of being labeled lazy or unmotivated when in reality, these children are just struggling to show their intelligence in school. The Learning Lab’s tutoring programs are tailored to fit the needs of children experiencing learning differences and help rebuild that confidence by understanding and teaching the way they learn.

Fast ForWord Cognitive Training Software

Fast ForWord® is a digital intervention learning and reading program designed to directly target the root causes of language and reading difficulty and produce fast learning gains. Based on evidence and the principles of neuroplasticity, Fast ForWord® was created by renowned neuroscientists to permanently improve brain processing while building the cognitive and foundational skills needed to make reading and all learning easier.

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Small Group and One-on-One Homework Lab

We will give your child the attention they need to learn critical homework management skills by explicitly teaching executive functioning skills such as; task and time management, planning, self-monitoring, and organization.  We also reteach challenging material, provide accountability, and check all work for quality, accuracy, and understanding.  We understand that no two kids learn the same way.

Traditional school programs expect smart kids to keep up despite differences in learning styles. Learning Lab’s Homework Lab is a nurturing, structured environment where kids can learn curriculum at their own pace in a way that works for them.

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What Values Make a Good Tutoring Program?

At the Learning Lab FL, we strive to make sure each student feels supported by instilling five core values into every aspect of our programs:

  • Marathon Mentality- Learning is a journey that takes time, and, like training for a marathon, it also requires commitment and dedication.
  • Open Heart- We recognize that all behavior is a form of communication. It is our job to see every child through loving, understanding eyes.
  • Growth Mindset- Focusing on progress with a positive mindset can change the way we experience life.
  • Action Oriented- By setting measurable goals and outcomes, we can work hard to reach those goals with an intention.
  • Attitude of Gratitude- Learning starts with understanding. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Celebrating Learning Differences

The Learning Lab is a space where the body can calm, and the mind can focus. Kids who struggle with their social, emotional and academic health at school need out-of-the-box solutions that are focused on them as an individual. Not every kid does well sitting at a desk. We help children learn in the ways and places that they’re comfortable.


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