For the kid who can use an extra hand through one of our afterschool tutoring programs

For the kid who marches to a different drummer every five seconds

For the kid who doesn’t feel understood and is starting to hate school!


“For smart kids
who struggle to
show it in school!”

The Learning Lab is for students WHO are smart but struggle to show their intelligence in school. These children often feel unsuccessful in an academic setting and may appear to be lazy or unmotivated. We help to rebuild that confidence by understanding and teaching the way they learn with our afterschool tutoring programs. We rebuild the heart and the mind so these children can feel successful in school.




A place where quick fixes and magic pills are obsolete – get ready for a marathon

A place where we don’t use worksheets like Kumon and Mathnasium. Worksheets kill trees, they don’t build brains

A place where children’s feelings about learning are considered, and it helps if you are willing to consider them too


“A place where no child is lazy!”




In a cozy nook, flipping the sequins of a mermaid pillow

Outside jumping rope while singing a multiplication song

Bouncing like Tigger on a ball chair listening to an audiobook


“We create spaces and places where the body can calm and the mind can focus.”

The Learning Lab is a nurturing yet structured environment where students feel ready to learn. Not every kid does well when sitting at a desk. Recognizing this is part of our success. There are some awesome schools that understand certain students would benefit from outsourced intensive, individual instruction while still being a part of their school community. We are happy to go to those schools, or have students participate in our afterschool tutoring programs.




When your child starts to think that Mommy’s wine is part of the homework routine

When you realize you didn’t go to school for teaching and are ready to wear your daddy hat again

When you are at the brink of disowning your child over schoolwork


“When is right now, early intervention is the key.”

Often & consistently is when we need to work with your child. Just like dieting, there is no magic pill. Results come from frequent conditioning and mindful choices.

When you become aware of the problem; we can offer the solution. The prescription becomes: Frequency/Intensity/Time/Type.

Check out our afterschool tutoring programs.




Because your kid is not going to grow out of “it” and “it” is not going to miraculously click

Because your kid’s charm and good looks can only take them so far

Because reading and spelling are not a reflection of intelligence


“Because not being able to show what you know sucks!”

Language, attention, and literacy are not a measure of intelligence, but they are necessary evils of achievement. Smart kids who cannot show what they know fall through the cracks, miss the boat or get identified as “bad,” “lazy,” or “unmotivated.”

We consider our students lucky because they have the opportunity to practice a growth mindset. They are understood. They are valued. We teach the way they




By realizing this is a marathon not a sprint

By preparing for the frequency, intensity and time that’s required for lasting change

By helping your child rediscover how smart and capable they are


“We handle the not enoughness, then we tackle literacy.”

How to get started – Learning Lab Placement is where we begin. Our placement process consists of a phone interview, document review, benchmark testing and a program meeting. Placement in the individual labs will be discussed at the program meeting. Ask us about our afterschool tutoring programs.

Learning Lab also administers Dyslexia Screenings.  If you already know your child is Dyslexic or you are noticing the signs, the Dyslexia Screening will determine subtype of Dyslexia and allow us to intervene with the most appropriate protocol for intervention.

Signs of dyslexia in elementary school

Signs of dyslexia in preschool



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