Fran Rubio-Katz- I am the Founder and Co-owner of the Learning Lab. I’m also known as Franny 911, for my unique ability to reach and elevate the most discouraged learners. I was a struggling student myself. I still cannot follow step-by-step photo diagram instructions. (Please don’t ask me to build any Ikea furniture or Lego sets!) My poor performance in school was a mystery to my teachers and family because I was creative and had the gift of gab. I was told to, “pay attention” and “try harder”, which made me feel stupid and misunderstood. Growing up with an unidentified learning difference inspired me to open the Learning Lab. I’ve been trained in a range of brain-based academic, social and emotional intervention modalities. Most importantly, I have a passion for educating the heart while educating the mind.

“Pay attention – try harder!”

Aly Young – Known as a mover & shaker for “getting it done”, I am co-owner of Learning Lab. My background, in psychology and sociology, led me to a career in education. Teaching in public, private and charter schools, I saw that no matter the setting, children with learning differences struggle. Understanding that learning is not just an academic process, but an emotional one, inspired me to join forces with Fran Rubio-Katz and become a game changer in education. By “teaching the way they learn” we help kids with learning differences to feel good about themselves and be successful.