In-School Support Program

Our In-School Support Program is for smart but struggling students who attend schools open to collaboration with academic intervention specialists. We work with your child’s school to close learning gaps while helping your child keep up with grade level learning. We provide pull-out and/or push-in intervention, for your child, at their school. This unique program allows your child to catch up and remain in their beloved school setting.

Our In-school Support Program includes the following services:

  • Adherence to a personalized learning plan
  • Access to our Neuro Lab (One-on-one) and I3 Lab (specific lab recommendations to be determined)
  • Holistic social, emotional and academic support including growth mindset coaching
  • Collaboration with school
Toward knowledge. Girl make supernatural efforts on way to knowledge. Thirst of knowledge. Back to school. Kid cheerful schoolgirl full of energy jump in mid air. Pupil want study. Lets begin study.

“Our educational support services + Your child’s school= A winning combination.”

Our In-school Support Program begins by establishing a Learning Profile. It includes:

1. A parent interview via phone
2. Document review (see Learning Lab Required Documents)
3. Student introduction and benchmark testing
4. Parent meeting at the Learning Lab or student’s school

Based on the Learning Profile outcomes a Personalized Learning Plan will be presented, at the parent meeting. Program pricing will depend on the learners’ needs and lab placement. Upon acceptance of the plan, it is the parents’ responsibility to schedule a collaborative meeting with the Learning Lab and school’s administrative team.


Ask us about our partnership in learning rates!