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When children struggle to read, content areas such as science and social studies (that can be interesting and fun) lose their impact. In our Community Content Lab, students are exposed to creative, engaging and interactive social studies and science lessons. They have the freedom to show what they know in a variety of ways. This is done in a small group setting, is project based and an opportunity to work with others.

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Community SEL Lab

At Learning Lab, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is at the heart of all that we do! SEL is the exploration of connection to self and connection to others. SEL embodies the essential life skills that determine how we function today and in the future. SEL is comprised of Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and Executive Function Skills. These are skills that must be fostered, in order for our children to become well-adjusted, resilient, contributing members of our society. Emotional Intelligence is the greatest indicator of life success. Whether SEL is innate to your child or a skill set to be explicitly learned, all members of the human race can benefit from our Community SEL Lab.

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