Homeschool Support Program

Families choose to homeschool for many reasons. We choose to offer homeschool support because:

  • a. We know, first hand, that a traditional classroom setting does not meet every learners’ needs.
  • b. We know, first hand, that a traditional school year does not support every families’ goals.
  • c. We passionately believe that every student and every family deserves the S.P.A.C.E. to live freely, love wholly, learn joyfully, grow continually and shine brightly.

Read more about homeschooling and how Learning Lab creates a “bridge” to successful learning for smart but struggling students

Students are to bring a healthy lunch, snacks and plenty of water. At Learning Lab we encourage our students to consume foods that fuel their brain-body system.

Order your copy of Ms. Aly’s amazing book The Rainbow Lunchbox to learn more about how healthy eating impacts the learning brain.

girl in an astronaut costume

“Take a break from the race, then get back in the saddle. Re-enter a front runner.”


  • Adherence to a customized education plan
  • Access to patented, neuroscience software and intelligent, adaptive software
  • Learning process discovery and utilization of real-world technology
  • One-on-one intensive, individualized tutoring and/or
  • Small group tutoring
  • Holistic social, emotional and academic support including growth mindset coaching
  • Guidance on how to establish a home education program and maintain compliance with the law
  • Guidance on how to comply with reporting, record keeping and student evaluation requirements (As a parent participating in a home education program, you are responsible for all records.)
  • Collaborative planning for future school placement

Our Homeschool Support program begins by establishing a Learning Profile. The cost is $780.00, and it includes:

1. A parent interview via phone
2. Document review (see Learning Lab Required Documents)
3. Student introduction and benchmark testing
4. Parent meeting at the Learning Lab

Based on the Learning Profile outcomes, a Personalized Learning Plan, will be presented, at the parent meeting.