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Help your child adapt to social distancing for school with services from The Learning Lab.

Distance learning has become the new normal for students attending school during the current pandemic. And for children who are used to a traditional classroom environment, you can expect to see some culture shock! At The Learning Lab, we make the transition to eLearning simple with our eLearning Lab Support Program.

Get full in-person support with eLearning Lab’s services

While social distancing is in full swing, The Learning Lab is here to bridge the gap between what your student needs and what their school can provide at a distance. Get access to eLearning support services that include:

  • Weekly learning plan with daily goals
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Collaboration and communication with teacher and/or school
  • 3:1 student/teacher ratio
  • Work quality and online assignment submission review
  • Online learning logistics support
  • Monitor, motivate and provide help as needed
  • Multi-sensory reteaches for challenging concepts/lessons
  • Executive functioning skills coaching (organization, task initiation, time management, focus & attention, flexibility, planning, prioritizing, self-monitoring, etc.)
  • Daily brain boosting morning huddles for community, connection and growth mindset coaching
  • Structures brain breaks that incorporate brain integration movements for optimal focus
  • 504 Plan and IEP collaboration
  • Attendance at two teach conferences
  • Attendance at two IEP or 504 plan meetings

Ask about our eLearning Lab Support!

Don’t let social distancing derail your child’s learning and development! Our eLearning Lab Support Program is available in-person for parents and kids who need support for the eLearning experience. The Learning Lab takes the distance learning experience and combines it with elements of the Homeschool Support Program for an all-encompassing support program in an unprecedented time.


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